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Our Range of tactical torches and flashlights are all high quality and great value.

Ideal for Police and Military use, these tactical torches and flashlights have varied specifications and weights for different operational tasks.

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Surefire L1 LumaMax Torch
Surefire L1 LumaMax Torch

Surefire L1 LumaMax Torch, Compact torch with dual-output LED for military operations and general tactical use.

This Surefire L1 LumaMax Torch uses a virtually indestructible, power regulated light emitting diode (LED) light source plus a two stage tailcap switch for instant selection of desired output level.

Max output: 65 lumens (high) / 10 lumens (low)

Runtime: 1.5 hours (high) / 16 hours (low)

Our price: £132.00 See details
Surefire E1B Backup Torch
Surefire E1B Backup Torch

Surefire E1B Backup Torch, Dual-Output LED for professionals.

The Surefire E1B Backup Torch is an ultra compact dual-output flashlight developed as a duty light for plainclothes officers or as a backup light for patrol officers as described in SureFire's Tactical Trinity system for law enforcement, but is also ideal for outdoor, self-defense, and everyday use.

Max Output: 110.0 lumens

Low Output / Runtime: 5.0 lumens / 37 hours

Length; 4.0 inches

Our price: £134.40 See details
Surefire 6P Original torch
Surefire 6P Original torch

Surefire 6P Original torch, small size and high output makes it an excellent everyday-carry light.

Surefire 6P Original torch, compact (pocket sized), high-intensity incandescent flashlight for tactical, self-defense, and general use.


  • P60 Lamp 65.0 Lumens 60 minutes
  • P60 Lamp 120.0 Lumens 20 minutes

Length: 5.50 inches
Weight: 5.30 ounces

Our price: £81.60 See details
Gerber Recon Torch
Gerber Recon Torch

Gerber Recon Torch, discreet and stealthy tactical light.

If you think the concept of multi-tasking is overrated, don't tell it to the guys who developed the patent-pending Gerber Recon. Because this long-awaited L.E.D format lets you choose from four different colors of light, depending on your needs of the moment.

Our price: £27.60 See details