Team Wendy

Team Wendy - funny company name right?

It is a question Team Wendy get asked all of the time.

Wendy, the daughter of the company's owner, Cleveland-based entrepreneur, Dan T. Moore, died from a skiing-induced traumatic brain injury (TBI) in 1997 at the age of 29. Mr. Moore founded Team Wendy in 1998 as a memorial to his daughter - a passionate, energetic woman who loved life and all it had to offer. His goal, and Team Wendy's primary mission, is to provide the best gear for head protection available on the market today and to research the causes and prevention of TBI.

A story of triumph out of tragedy, Wendy's name lives on today in the protective gear worn and preferred by men and women in uniform worldwide

And that's why Team Wendy is not a stupid name, these people make products that save lives.


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EPIC Air Combat Helmet Liner System
EPIC Air Combat Helmet Liner System

Team Wendy EPIC Air Combat Helmet Liner System, professional impact protection for military and police ballistic helmets.

The Team Wendy EPIC Air™ Combat Helmet Liner System takes protection to a whole new level.

EPIC Air™ features the unsurpassed level of impact protection you expect from a Team Wendy Zorbium® helmet liner, with new features that greatly improve comfort, fit and stability. The Team Wendy design incorporates three main pads (front, rear and crown) for impact protection, an assortment of new ergonomically designed comfort pads and patent-pending Air Channeling™ technology to keep you cooler. EPIC Air™ also comes in a variety of cuts and sizes to fit any style of ground combat helmet and is compatible with all styles of communications headsets.

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EPIC Helmet Liner Suspension System
EPIC Helmet Liner Suspension System

Team Wendy’s EPIC™ (Enhanced Protection, Individual Comfort) system represents a revolution in helmet pad protection and comfort.

EPIC™ consists of a single, one-piece protective impact liner, 22 additional soft comfort pads provided in four shapes (oblong, trapezoid, tapered trapezoid, and triangle) and two thicknesses (3/16-inch “thin” and 3/8-inch “thick”).

The comfort pad set also includes four Ultra Grip™ pads for added stability and two “wringable” sweat bands for moisture absorption. EPIC™’s design offers a significant increase in protection at high-G impacts without adversely affecting weight or heat dissipation.

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