Potomac Women’s Boy Shorts

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Potomac Women’s Boy Shorts

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Potomac Women’s Boy Shorts are designed with combat girls in mind, wicking, flame retardant and lightweight.

Potomac Women’s Boy Shorts, are light weight high cut boxers for girls. Ideal for women in combat zones, Potomac Women’s Boy Shorts, light weight, are perfect to wear when the activity level is high and the mission requires your maximum performance.

Fire resistant + Sweat-wicking + Anti-microbial + Anti-odour + Temperature regulating + Antistatic + UV protecting + Comfortable

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Flame-retardant and sweat-wicking

The Potomac Field Gear flame-retardant and sweat-wicking womens boxer shorts are made of the soft and anti-microbial Advanced Protective Fabric™. They are far more comfortable to wear than regular polyester boxers and also have anti-odour fibres in the fabric to ensure that you remain odourless, even if you don’t change the boxer shorts. Potomac’s Combat Women’s Boy Shorts are also very easy to wash by hand in the field and are quick drying.

Want to learn more about Potomac's Advanced Protective Fabric™? Click here for more information

Other advantages

The Potomac Women’s Boy Shorts works well as the base layer of your clothing, no matter whether you’re on a cold mountain peak, in a sizzling desert or in a damp jungle. Potomac has paid special attention to military durability and comfort, they made the seams are flat and thus comfortable to the skin.

About the material

The Potomac Women’s Boy Shorts is manufactured from Advanced Protective Fabric™ a well-conceived and unique combination of fibres and is the material of which all Potomac Field Gear’s products are made. The fabric offers the market’s best fire-resistant properties, advanced sweat-wicking and great comfort. Combined with the x-static silver fibre technology, this creates a series of new properties. You can see all the material’s properties below:


  • Fire resistant
  • Sweat-wicking
  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-odour
  • Temperature regulating
  • Comfortable
  • Anti-static
  • UV protecting

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