Potomac Advanced Combat Shirt Gen. II, MultiCam

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Potomac Advanced Combat Shirt Gen. II, MultiCam

Potomac Advanced Combat Shirt Gen. II, MultiCamMulticam ShirtsMulticam ADCSMulticam Combat Shirts

The Potomac Advanced Combat Shirt Gen. II is the most efficient piece of combat clothing on the market today.

It’s a Multicam T-shirt with long, camouflaged sleeves and multi-function spacer material on your body. The ADCS/UBACS torso part is made of the thinnest fabric in our range, whereas the Multicam fabric used for the sleeves is slightly stronger. The Multicam combat shirt is the perfect choice if you need to transport heat and sweat away from your body and also want the best protection against explosions and the environment in which you fight.

Fire-resistant and sweat-wicking

The fire-resistant and sweat-wicking Potomac Multicam ADCS Combat Shirt is made of the soft and anti-microbial Advanced Protective Fabric™. The Combat Shirt is comfortable to wear and also has anti-odour fibres in the fabric to ensure that you remain odour-less, even if you don’t change it. On the chest is a long YKK zip, which makes temperature-regulation easy and allows the torso portion to fit more closely.

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Combat shirt – heat management

Spacer webbing material is sewn in on the front of the body, keeping your body armour (Kevlar plate or ceramic plate) away from your skin, thus transporting the sweat away from your body. This spacing webbing ensures minimal contact with your skin and with this combat shirt, you’ll never experience the undershirt almost sticking to your skin when you sweat a lot. This also means that you’ll never feel the zip.

Protection against projectiles and fragmentation

The webbing also has another, very important function: it distributes the pressure on your body armour in case of a direct hit from a bullet or a fragment. This means that you can escape unharmed from such impacts that usually will break a rib or cause other, serious injury.

Advantages of the combat shirt’s sleeves

The sleeves on the Potomac Multicam combat shirt are of a stronger quality, which makes them durable and offers extra protection against flames. At the end of the sleeves, there is a strong Velcro closure which does not wear out. Velcro strips matching national specifications are also sewn on for attaching unit insignia or patches. The Velcro is specially sewn on to facilitate maximum movement.

Other advantages of the Potomac Multicam ADCS

Spacer material is also inserted on the shoulders. This helps to increase ventilation and at the same time distributes the pressure from any equipment carried on the shoulders. The webbing can be taken out if you so desire. The Potomac Multicam Combat Shirt is sewn with attention to durability, while the strong seams are flat and thus comfortable to the skin.

About the material

The Potomac Multicam ADCS is manufactured from Advanced Protective Fabric™ a well-conceived and unique combination of fibres and is the material of which all Potomac Field Gear’s products are made. The fabric offers the market’s best fire-resistant properties, advanced sweat-wicking and great comfort. Combined with the x-static silver fibre technology, this creates a series of new properties.


Garment size Chest size (in inches)
Small 34 - 36
Medium 38 - 40
Large 42 - 44
XL 46
2XL 48 - 50

You can see all the material’s properties below:


  • Fire resistant
  • Sweat-wicking
  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-odour
  • Temperature regulating
  • Comfortable
  • Anti-static
  • UV protecting


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  • Author Paul Randall
    Great to see potomac available.This is the best kit out there, tried and tested,comfortable hard wearing.Every soldier needs to have this kit! well worth the money.
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