Lowa Supercamp Boots (Non Gore-Tex Lined Lowa Combat Boot)

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Lowa Supercamp Boots (Non Gore-Tex Lined Lowa Combat Boot)

Lowa Supercamp Boots (Non Gore-Tex Lined Lowa Combat Boot)Lowa Boots UKSupercamp Boots

Lowa Supercamp Boots (Non Gore-Tex Lined Lowa Combat Boot) for lightweight military, police or close protection duties

Lowa Supercamp Boots offer support and flexibility and as with all the Lowa boot range the Supercamp is recommended on a regular basis by Doctors wishing to fit servicemen and woman in a correctly fitting boot; the Lowa Supercamp Boots are better for your feet, ankles, knees, and back.

Delivery time up to six days due to high demand

The Lowa Supercamp Boot is in use today with a number of military units worldwide, and is the boot of choice for Royal Marines, due to the weight and quick drying properties of this Lowa combat boot.

This model of Lowa Supercamp Boots is a hybrid of the old Lowa Super Camp and the Patrol boot, in that it has a leather lining at the front half of the Lowa boot where the foot perspires the most, and a Cambrelle® lining at the back half of the boot where most of the wear tends to take place.

The Lowa Supercamp Boots also features leather lining at the front of the boot is perforated for ventilation and offers the best comfort, and can absorb 200% of its own weight in moisture, and then becomes saturated and needs time to dry out. 


  • Vibram® "Tsavo" sole unit (repairable) for good grip and shock absorption
  • Cambrelle® hard-wearing lining
  • Achilles leather flex panel in heel for extreme comfort
  • Open top hooks for ease of entry and exit
  • Climate control system and insole

Lowa Supercamp Boots require the leather lining to be fed with a moisturising cream from time to time to help maximise it's life (No wax/silicon)

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  • Author Tim West
    As a serving police officer i love these Lowa Supercamp Boots. They are not too heavy and not too firm. Awesome for police boots for walking the beat for hours :)
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