Kevlar Tactical Body Armour Vest

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Kevlar Tactical Body Armour Vest

Kevlar Tactical Body Armour VestBallistic vest with collar protectionTactical Ballistic Vest with Collar and Groin Protection

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Kevlar Tactical Body Armour Vest with optional shoulder, collar & groin protection

This Kevlar Tactical Body Armour Vest with NIJ IIIA protection; further armouring can be achieved with additional ballistic plates has been designed specifically to meet the rigours of military service life, including that of police, SWAT and tactical assault teams and is also in use Worldwide with NGO's and PMC's.

This Kevlar Tactical Body Armour Vest is hard wearing and features a large ballistic plate pocket front and rear for the fitting of ballistic plates to raise the protection level to suit the operational requirement or the user.

Kevlar Tactical Body Armour Vest - Freedom of movement

The design of the adjustable shoulders and waist all contribute in removing any restrictions of movement when in tactical situations. This Kevlar Tactical Body Armour Vest also features quick release straps on each shoulder to aid in fast removal.

Optimum ballistic protection

The continuous front and rear panel design of this Kevlar Tactical Body Armour Vest ensures optimum protection to the front, back and sides of the torso.

The Kevlar Tactical Body Armour Vest has removable shoulder & collar protection also in protection level NIJ IIIA and the vest can be further armoured with the use of ballistic plates to give a protection level of NIJ IV.

  • Protection level of NIJ IIIA
  • Full ballistic protection with multi-hit capability
  • Side, back and front protection
  • 4 point adjustable shoulder and side straps
  • Plate Pockets - standard size 25 x 30 cm)
  • Weight for guidance only - 3.6kg Medium plate
  • Protection levels up to NIJ IV with additional ballistic plates

More information: About Kevlar

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