Kevlar Covert Body Armour Vest

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Kevlar Covert Body Armour Vest

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Kevlar Covert Body Armour Vest , covert NIJ IIIA body armour vest designed specifically for the rigorous covert life.

Meeting ballistic test standards, this Kevlar Covert Body Armour Vest provides excellent NIJ IIIA ballistic protection to the front, back and sides of the torso in a flexible and lightweight concealed format. It can also be worn over the shirt to act as a lightweight Overt or Tactical Kevlar body armour vest.

Comfort and fit

We have included our airflow system, this makes wearing the vest in hot environments much more bearable. We recommend that our vests be warn in conjunction with under armour shirts to give a better feel and to aid in heat management. An ideal vest for use in the Middle East of Africa.

Designed by our own Special Forces advisor and used by a number of UK Government departments, this Kevlar Covert Body Armour Vest is fully adjustable in six points, two at the sides and one point at each shoulder for a better, closer fit.

Protective standards

This Kevlar Covert Body Armour Vest offers great side protection while maintaining a low profile and pockets for our ballistic plate are fitted as standard to an easy upgrade for changing operational requirements; with the addition of ballistic plates; enabling the vest to stop 7.62 AP Rifle rounds.

Our Kevlar Vests are manufactured in the UK and conform with NIJ IIIA, STANAG 2920 and or Home Office testing standards, HG2 PSDB Ballistic Standard - Body Armour 1995.

With pockets front and back for ballistic plates, this covert ballistic vest can easily be upgraded to protect against rifle rounds up to 7.62 with the use of an NIJ IV plate.

Kevlar Covert Body Armour Vest - Freedom of movement

Donned by being passed over the head, the design of the adjustable shoulders and waist all contribute to allowing freedom of movement. Plus, the latest Tetranike® flexible and lightweight armour panels offer maximum safety combined with optimum mobility for the user.


  • Protection levels up to NIJ IIIA
  • Lightweight Tetranike® armour panels which can be quickly removed
  • Maximum reduction to trauma
  • Robust construction requires minimum maintenance
  • 4 point adjustable
  • Manufactured under strict UK European quality control standards
  • Weight for guidance only - 1.7kg Large NIJ IIIA
  • Back, front and side protection

More information: About Kevlar

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