Intelligent armour products

Intelligent Armour Products, made in the UK

Many people have asked us why we choose to manufacture in the UK and not overseas in the Far East or Eastern Europe, as per 95% of tactical or military brands. The simple fact is that we are not interested in the cost of manufacture per se; we are far more interested in the quality of the products that we produce than bottom line profit.

“Our products are designed to work first and every time in the field”

Product development and innovation

tactical gearOur clients are the only experts that we listen to. We do not rely on retired Special Forces or S.W.A.T Officers on product development, but we regularly sit down and have coffee with our clients and talk about them and their needs and requirements.

It’s often a case of other tactical and military bands over complicating a product or low quality or even just a few adjustments required to make an existing product better. It’s not always about innovation and trying to reinvent the wheel, a magazine pouch is a magazine pouch; what we often strive to do is make something stronger, lighter and better.

An example of us working with our clients is our .338 Double Magazine Pouches. This pouch was the idea of a member of the Sniper Platoon of 1 Rifles. As a client who knows us well, he came in for a coffee and asked us about how difficult it would be to build double magazine pouch for the new Sniper magazine. There were a few parameters and requirements.

Protection of the magazine and rounds – our new pouch is 1000d Cordura on the outside; and softer 500d Cordura on the inside.

Noise reduction – the pouch features a 1000d Cordura spacer to ensure that the magazines to not make contact with each other and make noise.

The UK MOD has recently placed a small order for these pouches.


Nothing worse than seeing a photo of a product on the internet; buying it and being disappointed at the quality? Well a bit different with military products! Not ideal when you are in a contact, the shite is hitting the fan and your magazine pouch falls apart!

“We are only as good as our last product”


All the materials that we use in the manufacture of our Intelligent Armour products are of military specification, from the Cordura and the nylon bonded thread, to the Austrialpin buckles on our belts and the YKK fastenings and zips to the Hook and Loop. We will not compromise and this very often means the our materials have to come from the USA where they have tighter military specification controls over things like Nylon Bonded Thread – we do not have a Military Specification for this in the UK or Europe.

We work with brands like Multicam, Cordura and Schoeller; using their raw materials in our products. Where we do use these branded materials, we will treat them with the greatest respect and represent their brand as if it were our own. Further to this all products that we manufacture using Cordura, Multicam or that has been treated with Schoeller Nano-Sphere coating (water replant), will carry a hang-tag and sew-in label. Obviously on certain products where lots of labels would interfere with the camouflage, discretion is used.

Reinforced Molle

manufacturing military equipmentOur clients have told us of many cases of Molle systems failing due to overload or poor manufacture.

Having investigated the mechanics and the forces involved we came up with a simple solution. Now all the Molle systems that we manufacture are reinforced to ensure that failure is not going to take place. This is achieved by the use of sandwiching the Molle and the product material with a backing of light nylon webbing. This backing reinforcing ensures that the stresses and the loads are spread over the whole product, not through the material and not on one point or single row of stitching.

While our backing reinforcing of Molle adds a very little weight to a product, we feel that this extra weight is outweighed by the requirement of strength and usability.

Attention to detail and quality control

The quality of our products is plain to see from the moment that you receive it. We take great care in the presentation of our products and don’t expect you as a client to be returning it because of any quality issues.

Our attention to detail is extremely high and what you might expect more from a bespoke tailor than a manufacture of tactical and military equipment.

Special requests

multicamWe are often approached to manufacture small runs of products to a client’s specific requirements.

This is always possible and we will work with our clients to ensure that they get exactly what they want out of the new product.

One recent example of this is that we produced the Molle Radio Pouches for the new Fast and Furious 6 film. This was due to a very well-known tactical brand’s pouches looking rough when in close up. Another example of a special request is our Multicam Helmet Cover.