Intelligent Armour

Intelligent Armour lightweight body armour and helmets, combat belts

Intelligent Armour Limited manufactures and develops it's own armour and tactical equipment, supplying to police and government units worldwide.

In 2008 Intelligent Armour Limited was formed out of its sister company International Intelligence Limited and both companies are now part of Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited. Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited is fully owned by its CEO, Mr Alex Bomberg, a former British Army Soldier.

All Intelligent Armour products are manufactured in the UK with military specification materials and to a high standard of quality control. Our tactical and military products work first and every time. For more information on our product manufacture, see: Intelligent Armour Products


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Defender Military Helmet
Defender Military Helmet

Defender Military Helmet, ballistic helmet with a unique style and comfortable fit.

The Defender Military Helmet is a unique style of ballistic helmet, which introduces improved comfort and fit when using ear defenders. In addition to the same high anti ballistic and impact trauma protection properties afforded by the other combat helmets in the range, the Defender Military Helmet features full compatibility with circum-aural ear defenders such as the Peltor H61 F and the Davies CT 100.

Our price: £154.80 See details
IA Multicam Map Case
IA Multicam Map Case

IA Multicam Map Case, ideal for soldiers and made in the UK

Manufactured from Crye Multicam 500D Cordura and 0.35mm Clear PVC, (UV and wear resistant), the IA Multicam Map Case is strong, tough and water resistant.

Size: 24cm x 16cm Folded - 48cm x 33cm Open

Our price: £17.40 See details
Combat Helmet
Combat Helmet

Combat Helmet, aerodynamic helmet used throughout the world.

The Combat Helmet style is used throughout the world due to its compact, aerodynamic profile and light weight. This has only been achieved by combining high ballistic performance, low weight and comfort. Qualities that have been achieved by using unique materials, processing methods and design facilities.

Our price: £144.00 See details
IA Multicam Phone Case
IA Multicam Phone Case

Intelligent Armour Multicam Phone Case, with Nano-Sphere technology

The Intelligent Armour Multicam Phone Case is manufactured in the UK by Intelligent Armour Limited using military specification materials including Nano-Sphere technology from Schoeller. The case is soft and padded to offer a good level of protection when in the field. Sealed with velcro, the Multicam Phone Case is very simple, yet ideal for keeping your phone safe and secure.

Lined with Potomac Field Gear's Advanced Protective Fabric. This fabric is: Fire resistant + Sweat-wicking + Anti-microbial + Anti-odour + Temperature regulating + Antistatic + UV protecting! This will ensure that your phone stays protected inside the case, keeping the screen clean and scratch free.

Our price: £20.40 See details
Journalist Body Armour Protection Package
Journalist Body Armour Protection Package

Journalist Body Armour Protection Package, Kevlar body armour vest with front, back & side protection - specially designed for use by members of the press.

This Kevlar body armour vest has been packaged to contain a NIJ level IIIA vest with side protection and 2 x NIJ IIIA + IV plates. These plates, when worn in conjunction with the NIJ IIIA vest give a protection level of NIJ IV.

Our price: £720.00 See details
IA Multicam Dump Pouch - folding bag
IA Multicam Dump Pouch - folding bag

The IA Multicam Dump Pouch - folding bag; by Intelligent Armour is ideal for SF patrol use and is lightweight and compact.

Made in the UK by Intelligent Armour using military specification materials. These including genuine Crye Multicam 1000D Cordura and NanoSphere 40D Multicam, stitched with type 69 nylon bonded thread that is mildew and rot resistant.

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