IA Combat Holster Belt

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IA Combat Holster Belt

IA Combat Holster BeltFoliage Green belt with AustriAlpin Cobra BuckleMilitary BeltsOlive drab green belt with AustriAlpin Cobra BuckleSand or tan belt with AustriAlpin Cobra BuckleBlack belt with AustriAlpin Cobra BuckleCoyote tan belt with AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle

IA Combat Holster Belt, manufactured in the UK by Intelligent Armour.

The IA Combat Holster Belt was designed by Intelligent Armour upon requests from some of our Special Forces clients who required a tactical quick release belt, strong and stiff enough to carry the weight of a holster or thigh-rig mount, but lighter than other holster, combat belts or CQB Riggers belts.

Use with inner belts: If you are ordering one of our tactical belts to use with an Inner Belt, please order 2" bigger for the outer belt or it will not fit.

With attention to detail and to the materials used, the IA Combat Holster Belt is truly one of the very best combat belts on the market today.

If we are not showing the belt that you require in stock, please contact us and we will manufacture one for you.

The issue with many combat belts such as the Blackhawk CQB Riggers belt or the 5.11 Tactical Operator belt is that you have to keep adjusting it for size and threading the tie-off end through your combat trouser loops. We decided that our belt would allow for adjustment but would also allow for quick and silent release. Weight is also an issue and as anyone who has ever been in combat will know, reducing weight is everything.

Belt width - the width of these belts is 45mm and this will fit most tactical or military trousers.

Combat Holster Belt – options

Intelligent Armour has added a few options to enable the wearer to customise the belt to suit tactical operational requirements and theatres of operation.

Stiffness - it is now an option to have either a regular Combat Holster Belt that has been stiffened to take holsters, or to have the same belt but without the stiffness. For the soft non-stiffened option, this is made to order only and will take in most cases 7-10 days.

Velcro Loop - some clients have asked that we add extra Velcro, Loop to the inside of the belt. This is to aid slip when used with holsters and thigh rigs (Hook Velcro is added to the strap that loops through the belt to stop any slippage). This option is now available for an extra £4.50 and is made to order only and will take in most cases 7-10 days.

Colours – options

The IA Combat Holster Belt is available in four webbing and four Cobra buckle colours. The colours available are: Black, Tan, Foliage Green and Olive Drab Green. For best colour match with Multicam or UK MTP army issue clothing, we recommend the UKSF Riggers Belt in either Tan or Foliage Green.

Firm structure

With the feedback that we have had about other holster and riggers belts, we have stiffened the IA Combat Holster Belt to provide support for leg hip or thigh mounted holsters or pouches. Ideal for infantry and Special Forces use, the IA Combat Holster Belt is designed as a load bearing belt, for when more support is required.

The AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle

Designed and manufactured in Austria, the Cobra Buckle are, without equal, the world's safest, most finely crafted, and strongest load bearing quick release fasteners available. They are also the only buckle style fastener in the safety products market that will not open while under load. That makes them the best choice for ensuring the highest degree of safety. The AustriAlpin Cobra Buckles tensile strength is 18Kn.

Cobras are CNC machined from the highest grade 7075 aluminium alloy and feature solid brass and stainless internal release mechanisms. All AustriAlpin Cobra Buckles are tested and certified by highly respected independent /3rd party test houses and exceed Military Specification guidelines.

AustriAlpin Cobra Buckles are tested to the following standards:

  • MIL-STD 810F (510.4) Blowing Dust Test Cert
  • MIL-STD 810F (510.4) Blowing Sand Test Cert
  • MIL-STD 810F (509.4) Salt Fog / Corrosion Resistance Test Cert

Webbing and thread

Having looked at both the Blackhawk CQB Riggers Belt and also the 5.11 Operators Belt, we decided that the best possible combination of materials were military specification webbing; type 7 with a tensile strength of 6000lb.

Military grade type 7 webbing, manufactured to the following standards:

  • MIL-W-4088
  • MIL-W-27265 (R)

The IA Combat Holster Belt has been sewn with military grade type 69 nylon bonded thread; this thread provides superior strength while resisting rot and mildew.

For more information on our Intelligent Armour product manufacture, see Intelligent Armour Products


Customer feedback

Customer Reviews

  • Author Randy
    Very nice belt strong,looks and feels great also when the need comes to remove the trousers.......very quick and easy with no messing about having to re adjust Velcro
  • Author Simon
    What can i say apart from this is a great belt. for everyday trouser holding up duty and light kit I use a Rigger belt but I was looking for something more heavy duty for Dynamic Entry/Ops work.
    This belt fits that bill exactly, other tactical pistol belts Ive used have been rigid but difficult to quickly adjust to fit over different types of uniform for different roles. The belt is made from top spec materials to the highest quality. It is rigid enough to take a loaded drop holster and thigh rig without distortion and you can alter it in seconds to fit over overalls or trousers as required.
    The buckle is secure, bombproof and simple to release unlike the plastic alternatives. Great product everything you need in a pistol belt.
  • Author Serving Police Firearms Officer
    IA Combat Holster Belt
    I have been using the IA Combat Holster Belt for about 3 months now in an armed Policing role, primarily as a pistol belt, carrying a Safariland holster, double magazine pouch, multi-tool and small torch (I donít like a lot of gear on my belt, as I spend quite a bit of my time in vehicles). Although designed as a quick release belt at which it excels, I require a level of retention, so I added a slip-on buckle cover to address that. Despite the quick release ability, the Austri Alpin Cobra buckle is very well engineered, easy to operate and extremely strong.

    On first examination I was struck by the contrast with a conventional duty belt, the IA item having considerably less weight and bulk, but every bit as rigid, with the intentional exception of the last @30cm of the belt that carries the male portion of the buckle and folds back against itself, being secured by Velcro(more of this later).

    On first donning the belt I was impressed by the sheer comfort of it due to the minimal bulk. I really didnít feel conscious of the belt itself, only the items I hung on it. I certainly didnít over- stretch it load-wise, but it is clearly very robust, constructed of quality materials, and extremely well put together with good, strong stitching. I initially used it with a belt mounted holster and it was very good, and having to adjust it for length over different thickness layers of clothing was far easier than a conventional buckles and sliders setup, which effectively means having to take a conventional belt apart each time you want to adjust it for length. This is a major plus in my book, the non-rigid portion of the belt making it quick and easy to adjust to exactly the length you want. Whilst I had the belt, my department changed to drop-leg thigh holsters which the IA belt coped with admirably, although I have switched back to my preferred option of belt mounted. As with any belt of this type I find using belt keepers on my trouser belt an advantage to stop the pistol belt riding up when drawing the pistol.

    Something else that has struck me about this belt is despite having worn it for some time now in varying wet and dusty conditions in the field and in and out of vehicles, other than a little wear on the finish of the quick-release bars, the belt still looks like new and has zero distortion.

    I have also given it a try in a shooting competition environment carrying magazine pouches and Fastmag holders. Here, again the belt excelled in its performance and flexibility and would be a promising consideration for the discerning competitive shooter looking for a good quality load bearing belt.
    In all, a very high quality product offering good value in its comfort and versatility. It has more recently given rise to both the CT Team Operators Belt, and the Blast Belt, both of which look equally promising.
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