EPIC Helmet Liner Suspension System

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EPIC Helmet Liner Suspension System

EPIC Helmet Liner Suspension SystemTeam Wendy EPIC Helmet Pads

Team Wendy’s EPIC™ (Enhanced Protection, Individual Comfort) system represents a revolution in helmet pad protection and comfort.

EPIC™ consists of a single, one-piece protective impact liner, 22 additional soft comfort pads provided in four shapes (oblong, trapezoid, tapered trapezoid, and triangle) and two thicknesses (3/16-inch “thin” and 3/8-inch “thick”).

The comfort pad set also includes four Ultra Grip™ pads for added stability and two “wringable” sweat bands for moisture absorption. EPIC™’s design offers a significant increase in protection at high-G impacts without adversely affecting weight or heat dissipation. EPIC™ employs the same Zorbium® foam proven through years of service in Team Wendy’s standard ZAP™ products and fits all tactical, ballistic ground combat helmets. Illustrated instruction manual included.

With Team Wendy' EPIC™ combat helmet pad system, We handle the protection, you handle the comfort.

The EPIC™ Combat Helmet Liner System provides comfort you can feel and protection you can count on. EPIC™ offers a fixed impact protection layer made of Team Wendy’s patented Zorbium® foam, the same material used in the only authorized, standard issue helmet pads for the U.S. Army and Marine Corps.

By utilizing Zorbium®’s unsurpassed impact-mitigating qualities, EPIC™ exceeds the military’s blunt impact protection requirements of the Advanced Combat Helmet (AR/PD 10-02). EPIC™ also offers a variety of adjustable comfort pads in different shapes, sizes and thickness the wearer can mix and match to maximize comfort and achieve the ultimate fit.

The EPIC™ Combat Helmet Liner System is available in a variety of kits to upgrade any helmet suspension system to the EPIC™ System.

  • Up to a 40% average increase in protection at high-speed impacts
  • Completely customizable for fit and comfort
  • One-piece protective liner for easy installation
  • Specialized comfort pads absorb and wick away moisture
  • Available in Standard, Replacement and Retrofit Systems


  • 1x Impact Liner
  • 18x Soft Comfort Pads
  • 4x Ultra Grip™ Pads
  • 2x Sweatbands

*Although Team Wendy's EPIC™ Combat Helmet Liner System exceeds blunt impact protection requirements of the Advanced Combat Helmet (AR/PD 10-02), the system is not currently authorized through first article testing for use in U.S. Military Advanced Combat Helmets or U.S. Marine Lightweight Helmets.

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