IA 10 Year Duffel Travel Bag, 155 Litres

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IA 10 Year Duffel Travel Bag, 155 Litres

Intelligent Armour 10 Year Duffel Travel Bag, 155 Litres

The 10 Year Duffel Travel Bag, 155 Litres is a very strong and robust travel bag designed and 100% manufactured in the UK by Intelligent Armour Limited. An ideal expedition bag.

Going back a generation the UK was so proud of its manufacturing industry and the “Made in the UK” label. Sadly most products including travel bags are these days made overseas by the lowest bidder; even those sold by some of the largest companies in the travel and outdoor markets.

Ten year promise
A very simple product guarantee: We are so sure of the quality and workmanship of our Duffel Travel Bags that we guarantee all workmanship for ten years. If any of the straps, zips or stitching fails during that time we will fix or replace the bag - if used within normal usage.

Design features
We really put a lot of thought into the design features of our Duffel Travel Bags. All of Intelligent Armour Limited’s products are designed with four types of end-user in mind:

  • Military
  • Police
  • Close Protection
  • Outdoor and casual

Our starting point for this series of Duffle Bags was a very popular duffle bag that had been around a few years now.

We thought a lot about the type of people that might use our Duffel Travel Bags and their needs. We are not claiming to have re-invented the travel bag here, but what we have done is combine features and thought about practicality and ease of use.

An example of our thought and design process, one popular duffle bag manufacturer put’s carabineer loops on the side of their duffle bags yet very, very few people would use these and they would only serve to catch or snag, so little point adding those to the bag.

One very useful but basic addition was two extra-large (6 x 2.5 Inch) ID Panels. When 150 camouflaged Duffle Bags are going around and around the airport luggage carousel, they all look the same! Also on the detachable shoulder straps we added elastic loops to keep the loose end of the webbing straps tidy.

For those that have walked with a large bag over any distance, then you will know how a handle can cut into your hand or shoulder. We enlarged the grip on the handle to 8” and padded it. The carry handles are made from 1.5” military specification webbing too adding further to the comfort.

To be fair we kept the features of these travel bags very basic and here is a quick run-down:

  • One large internal compartment 155Lts 32" x 19" x 19" (81 cm x 48 cm x 48 cm)
  • Three internal mesh pockets (sealable with hook and loop Velcro)
  • YKK Zips and Runners
  • Removable internal bottom panel
  • Removable and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Removable and adjustable sternum strap featuring Austrialpin buckle

Materials and construction
We stuck with 1000D Cordura we use with other products such as our body armour. If you start with a cheap fabric, no amount of design, workmanship or sewing is going to change the fact that you will end up with an end product that still uses cheap fabric and if you are paying good money then you want a good product.

Cordura is a brand that is well-known and that can be trusted, and that’s why we use it, plus 1000D, because it’s tough and can withstand the rigors of being dragged and thrown about.

Other brands also claim to use “ballistics nylon” really? Ok.

Well, we use US military specification MIL-W-17337 nylon webbing on all of our Duffle Travel Bags. This standard of military specification webbing has got between 850Lbs (1” webbing) and 2200Lbs (2” webbing) tensile strength.

Duffel Travel Bag

Duffel Travel Bag size
155 Litres 32" x 19" x 19" (81 cm x 48 cm x 48 cm)

The 155 Litre Duffle Travel Bag is ideal as an expedition bag. Enough space in this bag to fix all your clothing and equipment for a number of weeks.

Quality control
Each and every one of our Duffel Travel Bags is inspected at every stage of construction and also before the bag is ready for sale. Unlike other brands of travel bag you won’t find loose threads, any shoddy workmanship or unfinished areas.

No hiding behind “ballistics nylon”, jargon or technical nonsense. 100% made in the UK using great materials and old fashioned British craftsmanship.


  • 100% Made in the UK
  • 155 Litres 32" x 19" x 19" (81 cm x 48 cm x 48 cm)
  • 1000D Cordura
  • YKK Zips and Runners
  • Military specification webbing
  • Type 69 Nylon bonded thread (mildew and rot resistant)
  • Reinforced and bound seams
  • Three internal netting pockets
  • Two extra-large ID panels
  • Velcro loop strip for moral patches or name tape
  • Webbing carry handles
  • Padded handle grip
  • End grab handles
  • Removable internal bottom panel
  • Removable and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Removable and adjustable sternum strap featuring Austrialpin buckle

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