Demining EOD Apron

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Demining EOD Apron

Demining EOD ApronDemining EOD Apron

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Demining EOD Apron, effective upper body protection during demining operations

The STANAG 2920 Demining EOD Apron has been designed for general de-mining activities.

Upper body protection

Whilst providing shoulder protection, the demining apron offers no back protection. The front soft ballistic body armour shield, however, is designed to protect the neck and upper body. The front armour section is a one-piece design which is uniquely sewn and permits a three dimensional neck protection without any joins in the Aramid fibres.

Developed specifically for personnel engaged in mine clearance work

At Intelligent Armour Limited, we work closely with our clients in developing all our products and product range.

The Demining EOD Apron is a great success story, where we have taken in to account our clients feed back and made major changes to the design, weight and wear ability due to changing operational requirements.

Operational use

The Apron is suitable for those EOD/Demining operators who work in a kneeling position, and is not best suited to those who work on the “belt buckle” or from a crawling position.

Blast protection

Our Demining EOD Apron has been designed to withstand blast and impact within and up to STANAG 2920 V50 650m/s.

The Apron also as standard is fitted with a front pocket that is designed to take a NIJ IV Ballistic Plate, to further upgrade the Apron and to protect the vital organs. The rear of the vest is open and thus unprotected.

Comfort and fit

Donned by passing over the head, the Apron has an internal harness system, the Demining EOD Apron is held securely in place and is fully adjustable around the waist, securing at the rear.


  • STANAG 2920 V50 650m/s
  • Full ballistic protection with multi-hit capability
  • Front, side, shoulder and collar protection
  • 4 point adjustable shoulder and side straps
  • Weight (for guidance only) - 4.6kg (Large / NIJ IIIA) 

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