Brite Strike lights and APALS

Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products Inc. was started by two police officers, to create world class tactical flashlights that had the features that police officers and citizens need to keep them safe.

The brilliant, flawless white light in a small easy to carry size can be used to temporarily distract and disorient a suspect or attacker.

Brite-Strike Professional Tactical LED lights and Lighting solutions were designed by police officers for the needs of police officers and SWAT teams. Brite-Strike designed lights that could meet real world standards for ease of operation that never require any twisting or turning that requires two hands.


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APALS - All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips
APALS - All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips

APALS - All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips, new from Brite-Strike for 2011, was designed by military operators searching for a low cost, ultra reliable, long lasting combat identifier.

APALS enhance your battlefield situational awareness giving you the ability to safely monitor the movement of friendly forces in a dynamic environment. Sold in tens, i.e. £3.00 per unit

Runtime: up to 35 hours

Modes: On / Fast Strobe / Slow Strobe / Off

Weight: 1.2 ounces per light 

Our price: £30.00 See details