APALS - All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips

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APALS - All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips

APALS - All Purpose Adhesive Light StripsAPALS, All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips

APALS - All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips, new from Brite-Strike for 2011, was designed by military operators searching for a low cost, ultra reliable, long lasting combat identifier.

APALS enhance your battlefield situational awareness giving you the ability to safely monitor the movement of friendly forces in a dynamic environment.

With visible light, the APALS increases combat leader’s confidence in low light and no light situations. From Close Air Support to Urban Combat and Movement, APALS greatly improves soldier’s and airman’s ability to engage hostile forces while reducing the risk of compromise.

APALS are completely submersible and dustproof, the hermetically sealed APALS are intended for use in the worst possible conditions, from the searing heat of the desert to the frigid waters of the harshest seas. With a 35 hour run time, the disposable APALS will meet the most stringent mission requirements.

Sold in tens, i.e. £3.00 per unit


  • Waterproof and Dustproof
  • Can be seen from up to 1/4 mile
  • Heavy Duty Adhesive Back holds tight to any surface wet or dry
  • Runtime: up to 35 hours
  • Modes: On / Fast Strobe / Slow Strobe / Off
  • Weight: 1.2 ounces per light

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  • Author Anthony Porter
    Ordered these and paid up front, but never received them after many, many weeks wait, communications with this company were poor, the answer I got was that they were held up in customs from USA, so, obviously not held in stock, beware if ordering, ask if they have got them in stock first!
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