AK47 Stopper Plates

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AK47 Stopper Plates

AK47 Stopper Plates7.62 Ballistic Plates

The AK47 Stopper Plate is designed to meet both NIJ III and NIJ IV+.

It does not need to be worn with NIJ IIIA Body Armour and is classed as a stand alone plate that can be warn with any plate carrier system, our standard AK47 Stopper Plate weight is 2.85 kg +/- 5%

All IA Ballistic Plates are priced as single plates or as a set.

High tech ballistic plate, UK made

The AK47 Stopper Plate uses high tech ceramic casting, molded from alumina oxide. This has the twin advantages of good performance and a relatively low cost, while also being manufactured in the UK.

The strike face loads on armour of this type are essentially compressive and hence the high hardness and rigidity of ceramic are very important. Rear loadings are however tensile and are absorbed by high tensile strength advanced composite backings. Intelligent Armour uses a high pressure molded DSM Dyneema ® type for this model.

Comfortable and covert

All of our ballistic plates are multi curved for optimise fit and comfort and the same ballistic plate is used for both front and back protection.

The standard sized AK47 Stopper ballistic plate is stab-proof against heavy blows with sharp edged objects with the small AK 47 Stopper ballistic plate protecting against substantial stabs by sharp objects and blows in excess of 100 Joules.

Our AK47 Stopper ballistic plate can be used in conjunction with a covert vest and is designed to be comfortable and easy to conceal under clothes while offering the maximum protection possible.

This AK47 Stopper ballistic plate is 250mmx 300mm with corners top and bottom with nominal weight of 2.85kg +- 5%


  • NIJ III and NIJ IV Protection
  • High tech ceramic casting, molded from alumina oxide + Dyneema®
  • Anatomically designed with rounded edges
  • Ergonomically bent for maximum comfort and low profile
  • All round splinter protection with Dyneema®
  • Thickness - 20 mm (Standard)
  • Height - 30 cm (Standard)
  • Width - 25 cm (Standard)
  • Weight - 2.85 kg (Standard) +/- 5%


Ammunition Type Weapon Velocity m/s No. of strikes
5.45 x 39 MSC AK74 870 m/s 6
5.56 x 45 M193 M16 / SA80 1000 m/s 6
5.56 x 45  SS109 NATO AP M16 / SA80 1000 m/s 6
7.62 x 39  Ball  AK47 740 m/s 6
7.62 x 39 MSC AK47  740 m/s 6
7.62 x 39  BZ API  AK47 710 m/s 6
7.62 x 51 Level III M80 NATO M14 850 m/s 6
7.62 x 51 M61 AP M14 825 m/s 3
7.62 x 54 LPS MSC  Dragunov 870 m/s 6
7.62 x 54 B32 API Dragunov 830 m/s 6
7.62 x 63 Level IV AP M2 30-06  880 m/s 1

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