IA Y-Sling, single point sling

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IA Y-Sling, single point sling

IA Y-Sling, single point slingSpecial Forces SlingIA Y-SlingWeapon SlingSingle Point Sling

Y-Sling, single point sling, for Infantry, police and Close Protection use.

The Intelligent Armour Y-Sling is a lightweight, fully adjustable single point sling that enables the user to suspend a weapon with the weight of the weapon supported via the users armour or tactical vest.

The IA Y-Sling allows for full adjustment by adjusting the weapon sling by either of its three adjustment points, this will give the user central and left and right bias and up and down.

At Intelligent Armour we wanted to design an easy to use sling that was lightweight, strong and that was suitable for our clients. We took design and functionality advice from our Infantry clients as to what was required in a sling and then went back to single point sling basics.

The most important issue that was raised was the requirement to be able to drop release the grip from the weapon and for it to not get in the way of drawing a secondary weapon or of any magazine pouches on a reload. In the IA Y-Sling we have been able to produce a sling that will allow this and more.


The IA Y-Sling attaches to the Molle or D-Rings on body armour or Tactical vests via Molle Tee joints. These are more than strong enough for everyday use but are also designed to break away should the user get tangled or snagged up.

Also available is the Long-Y giving an extra 15 inches, this version of this single point sling allows for attaching to vests that do not have a suitable anchor point. This version passes over the shoulders of vests and attached to the top rear of a armour vest or plate carrier. The sling can be tucked under the shoulder pads or neatness.

With a genuine stamped metal HK Snap hook (not cheap cast zinc), the IA Y-Sling can attach quickly to any weapon that can accept snap hooks or via a butt attachment strap.

When not in use the weapon can we removed quickly either by the HK Snap hook or via the side release clip. With the added use of our HK Snap Hook Fob, the weapon can also be strapped across the chest to keep the muzzle out of the dirt and safely stowed while using a sidearm.

Made in the UK

The IA Y-Sling is made in the UK by Intelligent Armour Limited using full military specification materials and type 69 nylon bonded thread.

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