Potomac Advanced Protective Fabric

Potomac Field Gear clothing is manufactured bearing in mind that all soldiers should enjoy the largest possible security, fighting power and effectiveness in their military service, including when deployed on international missions. With the clothing’s unique fibre composition, Potomac Field Gear has created a world sensation in the form of the Advanced Protective Fabric™ (APF).

What is Advanced Protective Fabric™?

Advanced Protective Fabric™ (APF) is the flame-retardant fabric of which Potomac Field Gear’s garments are made. Advanced Protective Fabric™ (APF) is a multiple test winner due to its unique flame-retardant and sweat-wicking properties. In addition, the fabric also contains specially developed “x-static silver” fibres. This blend gives the clothing its unique properties and is the reason why it is in widespread use by leading units of the US military.

The materials are all natural and contain no chemicals, pesticides or other toxic elements.

Unique product with many advantages

Military clothing is usually either flame-retardant or sweat-wicking, but never offers both qualities without one being inferior to the other. All fibres in Potomac’s Advanced Protective Fabric™ (APF) have unique properties, and with Potomac Field Gear’s unique fibre composition, the clothing not only provides the best flame-retardant properties without impairing the superior wicking, but also contains a wide range of properties.

Under the following headings you can read more details about the various properties to facilitate a better understanding of the unrivalled properties offered by Potomac Field Gear’s tactical clothing.


Potomac, the market’s best protection against explosions and flames.

It is important for an internationally deployed soldier to be protected against explosions, flames and extreme heat. As we have unfortunately experienced, roadside bombs and other explosives can cause lifelong burn injuries or, in the worst case scenario, be fatal.

Natural flame-retardant fibres

Potomac’s unique fabric, Advanced Protective Fabric™ (APF), is made of natural flame-retardant fibres. This means that clothing from Potomac Field Gear will not melt or drip when exposed to explosions, flames or extreme heat. If exposed to heat for longer periods, it will char and extinguish itself as soon as the ignition source has been removed.

Feel safe with Potomac Field Gear

Whereas most other products in the market will not protect you from injury, Potomac Field Gear’s tactical clothing will save your hide every time. Even though you can’t feel it by touching the fabric, it is both sweat-wicking and manufactured from 75% modacrylic, making it the best flame-retardant clothes on the market.

Protect yourself – see what others think

The consequences can be fatal if you fail to protect yourself against explosions, fire, flames and arc flashes. To learn more about the advantages of Potomac Field Gear’s tactical garments, you can read about other soldiers’ experiences with the clothing or see what experts have to say about the qualities of the clothing in the users’ evaluations and tests section.


Advanced technology from Potomac Field Gear that rapidly transports sweat away from your body.

Soldiers in combat in desert areas often experience that it’s so hot that the clothes are drenched with sweat. Potomac Field Gear’s tactical clothing has built-in, advanced mechanisms ensuring that sweat is quickly wicked away from the skin to the outside of the garment where it may freely evaporate, leaving the soldier comfortable and dry.

How does it work?

The specially developed Potomac x-static silver fibres enhance this natural moisture exchange. When silver is placed in a damp environment and combined with materials already offering excellent sweat-wicking, its conductivity will significantly accelerate the evaporation of moisture in the same way as the body’s own evaporation mechanisms. In hot and damp environments alike, Potomac Field Gear’s tactical combat clothing is therefore very suitable and the best on the market.

Potomac, the market’s best sweat wicking

The result is that the moisture is quickly transported away from the body, allowing for a more comfortable environment without the worry of soaked clothing and whether you’ll be cold when your activity level and the temperature drop again. Despite Potomac clothing’s high degree of flame-retardant protection, it boasts a level of quality at or above the best sports T-shirts on the market. 


Kills micro-organisms, thereby keeping infection and skin irritation at bay.

As a soldier, you often wear the same clothes for several days without being able to change or wash them. In this situation, Potomac Field Gear’s tactical clothing gives you an advantage, as its mechanisms kills the small micro-organisms, thus curbing infection, skin irritation and reduced combat effectiveness.

Tried and tested all over the world

Micro-organisms are microscopic life forms such as bacteria, fungi, yeast and algae. They are everywhere in the air, on your skin, in the soil and on all surfaces. The clothing’s anti-microbial properties have been tried and tested time and again by renowned institutions all over the world. Several studies show that the effect is so powerful that when a person wears clothing made of Advanced Protective Fabric™, the person’s sweat becomes anti-microbial. 

World-class antibacterial properties

99.9% of all bacteria are removed within one hour after exposure. The anti-microbial properties of the clothing increase with the heat and moisture of the environment. For the same reason, x-static silver fibres are also used for first-class wound dressing for injured soldiers.

Permanent performance

As the x-static silver fibres contain real silver, there are no chemicals and thus no risk of skin irritation for the soldier. The Advanced Protective Fabric™ is not surface-treated, because the silver is a physical component of the fibre meaning that its performance will not deteriorate over time. The x-static silver fibres have actually been tested by washing the fabric more than 250 times without any signs of reduced anti-microbial performance. 


Permanent odour protection by totally neutralising sources of organic odour.

As a soldier in combat, you often live in filthy conditions in hot areas, such as a desert, without being able to change or launder your clothes. Bacteria, ammonia and denaturalised (decomposed) proteins are among the reasons for body odour and smelly clothing.

Permanent odour protection

The x-static silver fibres offer permanent odour protection by neutralising the organic sources of odour such as ammonia and urea. This reduces the risk of enemy forces’ dogs getting your scent when you’re out on patrol, for instance, and you avoid being exposed in your surroundings.

Tested by soldiers

Potomac Field Gear’s clothes have been tested by soldiers wearing the clothes every day for four weeks at temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, without washing them. Still, the clothes remain odour-free, which is due to the Advanced Protective Fabric™. 


Enhances safety when working with electronic equipment and explosives by discharging static electricity.

It is important for soldiers to wear antistatic clothes as there is otherwise a risk of short-circuiting the many electronic aids used in the soldier’s daily work - not to mention the inherent risk of working with explosives.

Protects against static electricity and shock

The X-static silver fibres in the garment discharge static electricity, thus contributing to protecting the garment against building up static electricity, and therefore also against electrical shock. Most people experience harmless shocks at around 2,000 – 4,000 volts, but as little as a few volts can damage electrical components. Static electricity is therefore generally harmless to the individual but may in certain situations be a source of extreme danger, e.g. in contact with electrostatic sensitive devices.

The underlying technology

Dry conditions as in winter or in the desert combined with synthetic fabrics enhance the problem. The only way to minimise or exclude the problem is to disperse the electrical charges through conductive material. Silver offers higher electrical conductivity than any other element. The fibres in the fabric are coated with genuine silver through which the garment conducts electricity, thus dispersing the electrical charges across the surface of the garment and reducing the risk of static electricity and shock.

Safety-enhancing clothing

The garment, which consists of Advanced Protective Fabric, can dissipate a 5,000 volt charge to 500 volts in 0.01 second. This means that the garment and its properties help increase your safety in explosive, fuel-rich environments or when near electronic equipment.


Keeps the body cold when temperatures are high, while keeping it warm when temperatures are low.

When soldiers are deployed abroad, temperatures may easily climb above 40 degrees Celsius – or conversely drop below zero at night. The advantage of Potomac Field Gear’s tactical clothing is that the fabric can divert heat away from the body and keep the body cool when body temperature is high. Conversely, the clothing can also reflect heat back and keep the body warm when body temperature is low.

Best choice for desert deployment

Silver is the single best heat conductive material on our planet. This means that the x-static silver fibres quickly and smoothly distribute heat throughout the clothing and reflects heat away from the body. This helps keep the soldier’s body temperature cool, even at the highest activity level and under extreme temperatures. This characteristic has made Potomac Field Gear the US Marine Corps’ preferred clothing in places like Iraq.

Minimises heat loss

The reflective power of silver is more than 95%, the highest value possible. This means when silver is exposed to heat, 95% of the heat will be reflected back to its source. As a result, the fabric of the clothes minimises the potential heat loss by actively reflecting the body’s energy back to the skin.

The underlying technology

All surfaces emit infrared energy or heat. The emission level varies greatly with the surface and is measured in terms of emissivity. The emissivity of coated clothing is usually high, whereas aluminium has a low emissivity. The emissivity of silver is among the lowest possible, which means that it radiates energy very slowly.

Keeps you warm longer

Therefore, silver will stay warm longer. And if you wear Potomac Field Gear’s clothing in cold weather, any heat not reflected back to the body via the fibre will be assimilated and stored in the fibre for a prolonged period. This helps keep you warm for much longer than a passive fibre system will. 


Reduces the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and maintains the skin’s normal functionality.

As a soldier on international missions, you will most often be deployed in areas with clear skies and burning sun all day long, such as in a desert.

The problems with the sun

Sunburned skin is unable to function as intended. Fluid will evaporate more quickly and the body will regulate its temperature less efficiently. At worst you may suffer from unintended fluid loss and your skin – which is the body’s armour – will also become weaker and more susceptible to infection and the like if it is sunburned.

Reflects the sun’s rays

Potomac Field Gear’s clothing range contains x-static silver fibres woven into the fabric (Advanced Protective Fabric). These special properties ensure that the clothing reflects the sun’s rays and thus also reduce the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation on your skin. 


Feels like soft cotton with maximum flexibility.

All Potomac products are made from Advanced Protective Fabric. This gives the garment four-way elasticity which allows greater movement and also makes for a better fit for men and women alike.


Considering the garment’s many properties, you might think that it’s quite stiff and not very nice to wear. Flame-retardant and anti-microbial properties in clothes often mean that it’s not so comfortable to wear and not very practical for physical activity. But the fabric’s special composition ensures that the garment feel like soft cotton and makes you feel agile and light as a feather.

Supreme Potomac quality

All garment seams are high quality and extremely durable. In addition, the seams are flat so as not to irritate your skin. Potomac Field Gear has made it an important priority for the garment to be durable, comfortable and practical to wear. With this in mind, all our clothing is manufactured to ensure maximum comfort and allow you to be as effective as possible in combat.

Machine-washable and dryable

All our garments can be machine-washed and tumble-dried without losing their efficient, specially developed properties. This means that the garments’ unique properties will last, wash after wash.