IA Multicam Light Assault Vest

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IA Multicam Light Assault Vest

IA Multicam Light Assault VestMulticam Tac Vest

IA Multicam Light Assault Vest

The IA Multicam Light Assault Vest is designed as a load-bearing Molle compatible vest for special operations, manufactured from Crye Multicam mesh for weight reduction.

Incorporating tried and tested features; our Multicam Assault Vest avoids unnecessary gimmicks and is exactly what operators require in an assault vest; strong and lightweight.

The IA Multicam Light Assault Vest is manufactured in the UK by Intelligent Armour to the highest possible standards using full military specification materials. Our products are designed to work first and every time in the field.

Fully adjustable

With four points of adjustment allowing for the Multicam Vest to be adjusted quickly when warn over different types of garments. Adjustment is made via Velcro and further fastened off with securing straps to ensure strength and good overall fitting. This combination of adjustment allows for very small adjustments to be made without compromise to the overall strength of the vest.

Design, quality and strength

At Intelligent Armour we did not set out to design and manufacture a cheap tactical vest for the mass market; the IA Multicam Light Assault Vest is designed for specialist military operations and that is the market that this product is aimed at. Only genuine Crye Multicam has been used and each vest checked for quality down to every stich.

Primarily this assault vest is for load-carriage, so emphasis has been on strength and load distribution through materials and design lines and stress points.

Hydration compatible

Very few tactical vests cater for hydration systems to be incorporated within the vest, so we have added a panel in the rear of the vest capable of holding a 100oz hydration bladder. Designed to easy fit and secure in place with Velcro retention tabs. Once fitted the hydration tube can be fed over the shoulder and secured.

Internal Pockets

The IA Multicam Light Assault Vest features two internal map size pockets, fastened with Velcro.

Evacuation & fast removal

One great feature of the IA Multicam Light Assault Vest is the reinforced Grab Handle at the rear of the vest. Fully reinforced and designed “into” the vest structurally for extra strength when you need it.

The adjustment system has also been designed to enable the vest to be cut away quickly and easily from the wearer in an emergency.

Belt Attachment

The IA Multicam Light Assault Vest can easily be worn with or attached to any Molle belt or holster belt with Molle Tee straps. Four of these are supplied with each vest as standard.


  • YKK Zipper
  • Crye Multicam Mesh
  • Crye Multicam Molle
  • Type 69 Nylon bonded thread (rot and mildew resistant)
  • Four points of adjustment (Velcro & strap allow micro adjustment)
  • Two internal map size pockets
  • Multicam "Velcro/Loop" ID panel
  • Reinforced shoulder section
  • Grab handle

Made in the UK by Intelligent Armour to strict quality control

For more information on our Intelligent Armour product manufacture, see Intelligent Armour Products

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  • Author Randy
    Very nice peace of kit easy to add what ever combination of kit you want.good price I'm loving the stuff coming out of I.a so much better than my previous kit that just fell appart......
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