IA Multicam Blast Belt

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IA Multicam Blast Belt

IA Multicam Blast BeltMilitary Blast Belt

The Intelligent Armour Multicam Blast Belt is designed as an infantry and Special Forces armour upgrade blast belt and fragmentation belt.

Manufactured in the UK by Intelligent Armour, the IA Multicam Blast Belt is made from 500D Crye Multicam Cordura with reinforced Molle system. A stable load carriage platform, allowing the quick fitting of any Molle pouches.

Ballistic Protection

The ballistic insert pack of the Multicam Blast Belt is manufactured from lightweight Dyneema (Weight guide, 34" = 1.2KG) and produced in a removable pack to enable the Blast belt to be washed and cleaned.

With a ballistic rating equivalent to NIJ IIIA*, the IA Blast Belt is designed to reduce blast and fragmentation injuries to the lower torso and pelvic region.

*Under National Institute of Justice testing regulations for soft armour, the test panel should be large enough to allow a three inch test grouping, no less than two inches from edge of the test panel; The IA Blast Belt is narrower than this minimum limit, thus cannot be tested under the same conditions. We have however manufactured our IA Blast belt in-line and equivalent to NIJ IIIA.

Load carriage

The Molle system also allows the belt to be attached and secured to any armour vest or plate carrier via Molle Tee attachment straps. Five of these are provided with each IA Multicam Blast Belt.

One major benefit of using the Molle Tee attachment straps is that load-bearing is distributed not only around the belt, but also to the vest or plate carrier via the Molle Tee attachment straps; making weight distribution far more efficient.

Belt design and profile

At Intelligent Armour we take design and development of any of our products very seriously; to this end we consulted with a number of our clients in order to come up with the best possible design, allowing for a clean, lightweight functional end product without over engineering.

The profile of the belt is straight top-line with slight profiling at the bottom edge at the front of the belt. The profile was added to enable a more comfortable fit when the wearer is sat in either a helicopter or armoured vehicle. It also aids when shooting in the kneeling position; the profile of the belt ensures that the bottom edge of the belt is not pushed up by the leg, making the belt ride up; also reducing any rub on the upper legs.

Internal Belt

After having designed the IA Combat Holster Belt using the lightweight AustriAlpin Cobra buckle, we have included this combat belt with the IA Blast Belt.

Padding and cooling

The inside of the Multicam Blast Belt features our padding and air flow cooling system, this system is low profile and aids in cooling the user with vertical air-flow through the inside mesh surface of the Multicam Blast Belt. This system combined with the use of the lightweight Dyneema ballistic pack means that no further padding is required.


  • Manufactured to NIJ IIIA using lightweight Dyneema (rating equivalent, see above note)
  • Made using Crye Multicam 500D Cordura & Multicam webbing
  • Type 69 Nylon bonded thread – mildew & rot resistant
  • Removable ballistic pack to ease washing/cleaning
  • Reinforced Molle system
  • IA Combat Holster Belt with lightweight AustriAlpin Cobra buckle
  • Attaches to any Molle vest or plate carrier
  • Profiled design for comfort
  • Made in the UK
  • Weight guide, 34" = 1.2KG

IA Blast belt includes:

  • Crye Multicam 500D Cordura & Multicam webbing cover
  • 5 Molle Tee attachment straps
  • Lightweight Dyneema ballistic insert
  • Internal belt - IA Combat Holster Belt with AustriAlpin Cobra buckle

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