IA 3-Point Rifle Sling

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IA 3-Point Rifle Sling

IA 3-Point Rifle SlingRifle Sling3 point weapon sling

The IA 3-Point Rifle Sling is designed as an infantry or police patrol sling.

Made in the UK by Intelligent Armour, the 3-Point Rifle Sling is manufactured to full military specifications using only the best military specification materials.

The 3-Point Rifle Sling attached to the front and rear sling loops and the quick release buckle is released to bring the rifle to aim. The 3-Point Rifle Sling can also be worn in the “released” 2-point position with the rifle at rest at the side of the user, for a “ready” yet non-aggressive stance.

Manufactured from 1 inch webbing, the 3-Point Rifle Sling is strong yet lightweight.

Military specification materials

At Intelligent Armour we believe in using only the very best materials for our range of products. The IA Singe Point Sling uses:

  • Webbing, military specification MIL-W-43668 T3
  • Thread, nylon bonded type 69 (rot and mildew resistant)
  • Snap Hooks, stamped metal made in the USA (not cheap die cast zinc)


The IA 3-Point Rifle Sling comes as standard with both stamped metal HK Snap hooks and a rear stock/butt adaptor strap for weapon that do not have a rear sling loop. The adaptor strap is fitted easily to the stock of the weapon and the sling is connected to the adaptor strap.

An adaptor strap is also supplied to enable the front of the sling to be connected to the barrel end of the weapon if no sling loop is present.

The IA 3-Point Sling is supplied with HK Snap Hooks, made for Intelligent Armour in the USA from stamped metal. They are of the highest possible quality and NOT die-cast zinc such as other companies use. We have added elasticated cuffs to the snap hooks so that they do not scratch the weapon and to aid stealth and silent operation. These can easily be removed if not wanted without damage to the operation of the 3-point sling.

Size adjustment

The sling allows for quick adjustment for size of torso or for changes in position. Adjustment is made using the tri-glide. We have also added a webbing slide, this is for both neatness and aids when the sling is used in the 2-point configuration.

The IA 3-Point Rifle Sling is available in two sizes, Standard and Large. The large sling is for those with larger torso/chest and is eight inches longer to accommodate.

Made in the UK

As with all Intelligent Armour products, this 3-Point Sling is made in the UK under strict quality control. Every rifle sling is checked for defects, stich quality and function. We guarantee that this product will work first and every time in the field.

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