EPIC Air Combat Helmet Liner System

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EPIC Air Combat Helmet Liner System

Team Wendy EPIC Air Combat Helmet Liner System, professional impact protection for military and police ballistic helmets.

The Team Wendy EPIC Air™ Combat Helmet Liner System takes protection to a whole new level.

EPIC Air™ features the unsurpassed level of impact protection you expect from a Team Wendy Zorbium® helmet liner, with new features that greatly improve comfort, fit and stability.

The Team Wendy design incorporates three main pads (front, rear and crown) for impact protection, an assortment of new ergonomically designed comfort pads and patent-pending Air Channeling™ technology to keep you cooler. EPIC Air™ also comes in a variety of cuts and sizes to fit any style of ground combat helmet and is compatible with all styles of communications headsets.

Note: Please be sure to order the correct pad system. If in doubt, please feel free to ask.

The sizing for EPIC Air™ depends on your helmet cut. For all Standard coverage helmets, which typically feature earcups (ACH, MACH, ECH, MICH, LWH, PASGT) choose the "Standard" Helmet Cut option and your appropriate size. For all other cuts (High-cut, Mid-cut, Gunfighter, including our own MACH 3 combat helmet) choose the "High cut helmets" Helmet Cut option and your appropriate size.

25% better than the Ops-Core Occ-Dial Liner*

Although Team Wendy's EPIC™ Combat Helmet Liner System exceeds blunt impact protection requirements of the Advanced Combat Helmet (AR/PD 10-02), the system is not currently authorized through first article testing for use in U.S. Military Advanced Combat Helmets or U.S. Marine Lightweight Helmets.

EPIC Air™ uses Team Wendy’s patented Zorbium® foam, the same material used in the standard issue pad sets for the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH), Marine Lightweight Helmet (LWH), and Enhanced Combat Helmet (ECH). This material has consistently been proven to be the most protective on the market due to its unsurpassed impact performance qualities. At Team Wendy, we continue to be “Overprotective and Proud of It.™

Product features:

Air flow

  • Thermoplastic urethane Air Channels creat space between the combat helmet pads and the ballistic shell that allows air to flow throughout the system.
  • Allows the combat helmet to fit like a baseball cap without blocking air circulation to areas inside the helmet.
  • Unique, patent pending feature promoted by end-user feedback.

Universal fit

  • Trauma pad system comes in a number of sizes and cuts to fit most ballistic combat helmet styles.
  • Ensures a perfect fit and the highest level of protection regardless of helmet type or style.


  • Utilizes Team Wendy's patented Zorbium Foam
  • Shows a 25% performance improvement over the Ops-Core Occ-Dial Liner*

*Standard ACH ballistic shell at ambient conditions to ACH/LWH blunt impact specifications of 10ft/sec. Epic Ain in basic "Spartan" configuration of front/rear pad only.

System includes:

  • One front impact pad
  • One rear impact pad
  • One crown pad
  • 10 comfort pads in various shapes and thicknesses
  • Four air channels
  • User manual

The Team Wendy EPIC Air Combat Helmet Liner System is manufactured in the USA under ISO 9001:2008 with design certified

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