AR15 Rifle Slip

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AR15 Rifle Slip

The AR15 Rifle Slip/gun slip was designed by Intelligent Armour at the the request of a AR15 sports shooter.

Designed to keep the weapon dry and out of the dirt, the AR15 Rifle Slip is manufactured from 1000D Cordura and is designed to fit AR15's with a 20inch barrel. The total lenght of the Rifle Slip is 42inches.

The concept is for a simple, lightweight cover for a rifle and it’s optics, to keep off the worst of the elements and allow the rifle to be carried by it’s own sling or laid on the ground without fear of picking up excessive moisture, grit, mud or other debris when it is not required for immediate use, such as between shooting details.

Lugging around a hard case or even a conventional padded rifle case can be annoying, cumbersome, and unnecessary. Additionally, after a day out in bad weather, once wet, these cases often take days to dry out completely. Instead the AR15 Rifle Slip/gun Slip can protect your rifle & optics from the elements and when you are shooting it can be folded up small enough to be stowed inside a cargo pocket, or hung from a belt or strap.

Constructed from 1000D Cordura material the slip is light and durable. Bar tack stitching is used at stress points, whilst for additional strength with negligible increase in bulk, both the muzzle and butt areas of the slip have internal panels of the same material positioned to minimise any strain bearing on the stitching. The open lower edge is closed by full length Velcro strip that allows the rifle’s own sling to be used as normal for carriage. Additional, attached, Velcro straps are provided to hold the slip snug against the rifle, but if not required can be stowed inside the slip itself.

The AR15 Rifle Slip will accomodate AR15 Rifles with sports scopes, but with the weapon made safe (no magazine fitted).


  • Re-enforced ends with non-stress seams
  • Velcro fasteners along length of rifle slip
  • External webbing and Velcro secure tabs
  • Manufactured from tough 1000D Cordura
  • Made in the UK by Intelligent Armour

Made in the UK

As with all Intelligent Armour products, this AR15 Rifle Slip is made in the UK under strict quality control. Every AR15 Rifle Slip is checked for defects, stich quality and function. We guarantee that this product will work first and every time in the field.

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